How to dress with style at 40 years old

How to dress with style at 40 years old

How to dress with style at 40 years old
  1. Discover your perfect fit By the time you reach your 40s, you’ve likely gained a strong sense of self-assurance and ease with your identity. Therefore, it’s essential that when it comes to dressing, prioritizing confidence and comfort is paramount. Opt for clothing that not only enhances your appearance but more importantly, boosts your sense of well-being. The secret to achieving this lies in impeccable tailoring. "Identify the fit elements that complement your physique—such as rise, shape, length, and material—so you can request similar styles from your Stylist," advises Stitch Fix Stylist, Alicia. Select garments that flatter your figure, and when uncertain, invest in the expertise of a skilled tailor (you deserve it!). Apparel always exudes its finest allure when it drapes as though custom-made for you. Trousers, denim, and structured layers—like blazers and coats—often necessitate extra attention when procured directly from the rack. Once you’ve mastered the art of the ideal fit, you’ll be equipped to assemble a collection of tried-and-true essentials.

  2. Embrace style experimentation Whether you’re keen to experiment with a fresh hue or yearn for a complete wardrobe revamp, we encourage taking fashion risks. Asserting your personal style entails exploration, so dare to diversify and venture into uncharted territory to invigorate your closet. Embrace a novel shade, such as our 2024 color trend: verdant matcha green. Play with unconventional patterns (we’re particularly fond of horizontal stripes, which, incidentally, flatter everyone), or dare to don a monochromatic ensemble for an instantly polished look. When selecting attire in your 40s, it’s all about defying conventional norms and embracing sartorial innovation.

  3. Draw inspiration from diverse sources Should you find yourself ensnared in a style rut or feeling disconnected from your attire, look outward for inspiration. Peruse online platforms, peruse our 2024 Stitch Fix Style Forecast, observe passersby on the streets or in professional settings—inspiration abounds, awaiting your discovery! Then harness these newfound sources of inspiration (perhaps a novel denim cut or a vibrant hue) and infuse them into a contemporary OOTD (Outfit of the Day) that resonates with your authentic self.

  4. Cultivate self-assurance as your ultimate accessory "As Stylists, one of our primary objectives is to assist our Clients in projecting their most confident selves. When you radiate confidence, your outward appearance naturally reflects it," emphasizes Stitch Fix Stylist Alicia. She articulates a profound truth: Nothing eclipses the power of self-assurance and the daily reaffirmation that "I am remarkable" (because, indeed, you are!). In essence, these affirmations serve as the sole prerequisite for manifesting a style that aligns with your essence. When you enter a room, the aim is for your presence to take precedence—your attire assumes a complementary role. Hence, prioritize nurturing that inner radiance, and rest assured, your style will seamlessly follow suit.

  5. Embrace continual evolution Much like you, your fashion sensibilities will undergo perpetual transformation over time. Even if you’ve attained a state of sartorial equilibrium, consider the act of dressing not merely as a reflection of your identity, mood, and ambiance—but as a fluid canvas ripe for ongoing refinement and adaptation to each chapter of your life's journey.

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